Monday, October 27, 2014

My Friend Bandy

Bandy is the resident canine at The Chicago House B&B in Provincetown. She spends a lot of time resting on a couch in the common area of the B&B. Whenever I saw her last week, I would stop and visit her for a few minutes and rub the back of her ears. We became fast friends.

While I was posing for photos Friday night before going out, Bandy was off the couch for the first time in my memory and walked over to me. She wanted me to rub her ears and I happily complied while Melissa photographed the event.

Source: ShopBop

Wearing ASOS.

Professional femulators at Andy's in Newburgh, NY, circa 1958.


  1. You are gorgeous, hon! Love the pix...

    Your pic of the femulators circa 1958 brings back a memory. When Mom, Dad and I were traveling over the summer of 1957, I was about 10. We were staying at the Brown Palace Hotel, and Mom and Dad went out for a bit, leaving me in the hotel room. I had plenty of toys to play with, and they weren't gone too terribly long. But when they came back, they were talking about the "female impersonators" at the place they went (a bar, I'm sure.) At the time, I didn't know about that sort of stuff, but when I asked, they carefully avoided answering me.

    Little did I realize, that one day I'd be looking and dressing as a girl and going out...

    Mom is in a nursing home now, with Alzheimer's. I've asked her if she remembers that night in Denver, trying to find out who they were with and exactly what they saw, as well as what they really thought about it. As with everything else in the past, she says she doesn't remember. (That disease is cure-less and awful...please remember her in your prayers, and also remember to pray that you are spared from its throes...)

    Perhaps when I show up at the nursing home in a skirt, blouse and heels on Halloween, it will jog her memory!!!



    1. Thank you, Mandy, for the kind words!