Tuesday, June 5, 2012


These are things I failed to mention in yesterday's long post about my law school reunion at the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame (photo above).


A couple of my classmates urged me to get involved with my law school's new Center for Gender & Sexuality Studies. I am very interested in doing so, but I don't know if I have anything to offer since I never practiced law.

One of my classmates thought that did not matter because just telling my transgender story would be enlightening to many people just as it was to my classmates who heard it Saturday night.

I do plan to contact the Center and find out if they are interested in me as I am of them. 


The three female classmates who I conversed with extensively at the reunion seldom spoke to me when we were attending law school. I cannot recall having an extended conversation with any of them back then.

So, needless to say, I was very surprised how they interfaced with me at the reunion. It was like we were four old girlfriends reliving the past.

I assure you that I am not complaining, but I was very surprised nonetheless.


I wore flats while driving to and from the Hall of Fame, but I wore heels (my black patent open-toed slingbacks) during the 4-1/2 hours attending the reunion and it was a painless experience thanks to the Insolia shoe inserts. I recommend them highly and plan to purchase more.


  1. If your schedule permits it could be a good form of outreach for you to become involved in your school's 'Center for Gender and Sexuality Studies' if for no other reason than to make sure that they know that there is not always a direct connection between gender and sexuality. I would think that the school would like the opportunity to get to know a success story where gender issues have been faced and dealt with.
    I say 'go for it'. I would surmise that the folks putting the program together would be as good a resource for you as you may be for them.

  2. Dear Stana,

    1) I'm very happy that you had such a lovely time at your reunion. I'm sure your school's Center For Gender and Sexuality Studies will LOVE having you, a graduate and transwoman, participating.

    2) Based on your recommendation, I just ordered a set of 3 pairs of Insolia inserts.

    3) I made my hotel reservations for SCC (Southern Comfort Conference) at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia Hotel in Atlanta for September 16 through September 24. I hope you'll attend, and that we can meet.



  3. ...but I don't know if I have anything to offer since I never practiced law.

    Dare I say, 'go for it'? You may not have practised law, but you did study it and from what you've written here, you've a wealth of real world experience to draw upon. I hope you do decide to do it, it could be a real learning opportunity - maybe even for student and lecturer! :-)

    On a side note, a work friend and my brother-in-law (he's also in Law), got the chance to do some lecturers for local Universities and both said how much they enjoyed it. On a positive note, the students fed back that they liked having someone who'd lived / worked through the topics they were studying.

  4. I'm not so sure that practicing law is the same as living within it. You've managed to pull that off very well, Stana, and I would also encourage you to go for it if you're able.

    You will always have lots of love and support from me. Here's to starting something good!