Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Week of Mentions

I already mentioned my mention in Joanna's "Musings from my everyday life..." on Wednesday. Her kind words were followed by more mentions on Thursday.

Cyrsti dropped my name a few times in her WassssuP? post on her Transgender Condo blog.

And Calie dedicated Thursday's T-Central to Femulate and recalled my post from 2009 titled "I Am My Own Girlfriend."

I had forgotten that post and had to revisit it. Wow! Those words from five years ago still accurately portray me today!

Thank you all for all the mentions.





Source: Ann Taylor

Wearing Ann Taylor.






Bill femulates in television’s King of the Hill, 1998.


  1. You are welcome Stana!

    You know I deeply respect what you do, and believe me, I don't throw around those words easily!!!


  2. I have just reread that "I am my own Girlfriend" post, and yes that does still ring a very loud bell here as well.