Thursday, October 9, 2014

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Halloween at work, 2012 "My job is to make men look like women" is an interesting interview with Jodie Lynn, a London makeup artist "who has dedicated her career to helping men reveal the woman within..." Written by Cassie Powney, the piece appears on the Cosmopolitan UK website.

I found the article personally interesting because I have been following some of Jodie's femulation techniques for years. For example, I thought she was channeling me when she talked about wigs and her lip-plumping procedure is exactly the same procedure I use to femulate my lips.

Wednesday morning, I did not need coffee to start me up when I perused my favorite blogs and noticed the title of Joanna's daily post, "Stana of Femulate."

Wow! Joanna was very kind in her description of me and the blog and I only hope I can live up to her kind words.

By the way, the photo Joanna used in her post was me at work on Halloween two years ago. Coincidentally, I have been mulling over whether or not to femulate for work again this Halloween.

I have femulated for work on four occasions. The first two times (in 2000 and 2003), my workplace had something going to celebrate Halloween including a costume contest. The last two times (2012 and 2013), there was nothing going on at work Halloween-wise. I just femulated and had a wonderful time.

Do I do it again? Three years in a row!

It has almost become a Halloween tradition and some of my co-workers expect it. A woman asked me a few weeks ago if I was dressing up for Halloween. I replied that I had not made any plans and her retort was, "Sure you will."

Enough said!





Source: Vogue

Street style during Paris Fashion Week for Spring 2015.





Lori Shannon, also known as Don Seymour Mclean
femulating on television’s All in the Family in 1975.


  1. "Sure you will" you can't let your fans down, after two years running they will be expecting something from you.

  2. Cool! You undoubtedly have made a "fan" or two at work! Yay!

  3. If I HAD a full time job, I'd femulate for sure. I did it once before and got many favorable comments - and not just at my work. I had to go to the bank and the grocery store, and the ladies in both places gave me wonderful comments.

  4. In fact, I remember seeing this episode of ALL IN THE FAMILY! I was - - - - younger then, and was thrilled to see someone femulating, just as I wanted to do. It was this episode that gave me the courage to go out as Julie for the first time on Halloween, too!

  5. So 3rd times a charm (at work)? I think co-workers may start to clue in on you if you do Stana!

    Femulating this Halloween sounds appealing to me now that you mention it!

  6. I had a make-up lesson from Jodie a few years ago. She's an absolute star.