Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lily’s Favorite Photos (of Lily!)

Lilly-Longlegs-1-www Lilly-Longlegs-2-www

My name is Lily Longlegs.

I like the headshot… one of the best pictures I have of my face. It was taken at a step down. The second is at home. Lots of people say I have the best legs - wish they had them - and this shows them off real good not to mention the rest of my body (not bad for a 62 year old)!

Administrivia: You all have sent me a lot of your favorite photos; thank-you and keep them coming (to stana-stana @ I promise to post them all and I will do so in the order received.





Source: Ann Taylor

Wearing Ann Taylor.





Source: androfeminine.tumblr

Exy Davis, male model.


  1. Mae West wishes she had your legs, Lily!

  2. Oh yes - very slim and sexy legs!

    And your headshot is great - love the blond hair - it goes great with your complexion and makeup!