Monday, October 17, 2011

Wish I Was There

2011-10-17_ff Fantasia Fair is this week in Provincetown. Massachusetts (at the tip of Cape Cod). I attended last year for a half week and three years ago for a full week. I had a great time both times.

I did not go this year for a number of reasons. I hope to return next year.

I will attend vicariously this year by monitoring a webcam, which has a bird’s-eye view of Provincetown's main drag (sorry, I could not resist), specifically, the intersection of Commercial and Ryder Streets.

Watching this webcam during past Fantasia Fairs, I have spotted many of the transgenders in attendance and even recognized a few of my friends.

I hope to see a few this week, too.

Womanly Yours,



  1. Things at the Fair have started out well. Lots of people.. lots of couples.. bruch was done.. now Keynote by Dr. Docter and workshops this afternoon & evening performance by Angelica Ross.. next yr. Book it now!! Huggs, Jan

  2. Thanks for the link regarding Fantasia Fair. Nice to know about it.