Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Andrej as Marilyn

2011-10-12_pejic-as-monroe From today’s The Huffington Post, “After landing numerous covers striking his best womanly pose, Andrej Pejic gets to play one of the most famous women ever: Marilyn Monroe… For Lovecat's Fashion + Film Issue…”

You can view a slideshow of the amazing photoshoot here and an amazing video here.

I am sure you will enjoy and appreciate them as much as I did.

Womanly Yours,



  1. I think he looks more like Tricia Helfer, but he is awfully cute in those angora sweaters.

  2. How do I get someone to dress me in fantastic clothes, do my makeup and hair AND pay me too?

  3. Meg --- I wish I knew!

  4. Andrej is beautiful; a perfect Norma Jean. Who should worry about gender when the model is so pretty.