Monday, October 10, 2011

Guam's Transgender Beauty Pageant


“Miss Kadenan Umatuiya was crowned Miss Guahan in the transgender beauty pageant held in Guam.

“The pageant was organised by a local arts group who used the event to raise money to go to the upcoming Pacific Arts Festival in Solomon Islands.

“Unlike other transgender pageants, it was a serious contest with a focus on indigenous culture. This pageant is about representing and preserving the indigenous Chamorro culture and promoting acceptance of transgender people.”

Read the rest of the story on the Radio Australia website and at, which was the source of the photo above.


  1. Miss K is absolutely stunning as Dorothy, a hands-down knock out. In fact, she really ought to be kind of careful being dressed like that! There are a few men around who really think they're men! lmao!

    I admit I'm a little confused by your comment of; "Unlike other transgender pageants, it was a serious contest ..." Aren't ALL Transgender pageants serious contests? I think they are.

  2. Lovely... not overdone but just lovely... I'd like to try a 'Dorothy' this year. Any recommendations where to obtain a costume ? This is the best of those I've seen.

  3. I got the dress on craigslist for $10 or $15. Petticoat was from a costume store for under $20, thigh highs were from Macy's and the patent peep toe shoes are Nine West!!!
    Thanks for the compliments!

  4. Billie --- "Unlike other transgender pageants, it was a serious contest ..." were not my words; they were in the original news article. Perhaps it was a reference to womanless pageants that are typically for fun.

    Anonymous --- Google "dorothy adult costumes" and Google will come back with a comprehensive selection.

  5. Very inspiring. Nice work, girls. Fabulous fashion and style!

  6. Here is the youtube video on the news story on the Miss Guahan 2011 Pageant. very nice! More power to the girls!