Friday, October 14, 2011


Halloween 2009

Big Woman on Campus

My friend Patty is now a professor at a local college. This semester is her first; she is teaching two classes and asked me to speak to one of her classes about being a woman, although male.

So I plan to take a vacation day off from work to speak to her class and field questions from her students.

Since the class is only an hour long, I will have time to do other things that day en femme (like "inspect" the fall fashions at the malls).

All Hallows' Eve

Halloween is just a little over two weeks away and there has been no official announcement at work regarding any events celebrating the holiday. Time is running out, so if they don't announce something real soon now, I expect that nothing is in the works.

Nevertheless, I am going to work en femme on the 31st whether there is an official celebration or not.

Womanly Yours,



  1. Your resolve on the issue is clear.
    Eve of Hallows = En Femme.
    Here's a challenge: Why not make that resolve an all saintly affair? Instead of demonish.

  2. I wish you nothing but the best this Halloween. Be a strong women and knock 'em dead!

    I'm curious as to what topic(s) you'll talk about to the class.

    Happy mall-ing!