Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reunion with the Girls

I attended my K-8 grammar school reunion yesterday afternoon. It was a multi-year reunion, that is, it included classes from the 1910s through the the 1970s.

I knew about 25 of the people in attendance; some were classmates and some were friends from my old neighborhood. I had not seen most of them in 45 years or more.

I had a wonderful time.

Looking back at the afternoon, I found it telling that I spent most of the time reunioning with my old female friends rather than my old male friends.


  1. What a fantastic photo in "The Femulated" spot today, is there a story from Joanie B to go with the photo, that can be shared?

  2. So much history! I wish not to offend but .. were there any other mtf? I hope you had a wonderful time!

  3. And Joanie B should NOT restrict herself to Halloween!

  4. Paula --- Joanie B wrote that it was her "Halloween wedding photo...her costume just before leaving for a night of fun and frolic at a party and later on the town, this past Halloween."

  5. Billie --- I was not aware of any other male-to-females at the reunion.