Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Under Cover

I occasionally receive e-mails asking me what beard cover (if any) I use.

I use and recommend a beard cover produced by RCMA (Research Council of Make-up Artists, Inc.). Their BC-2 is the color I use.

I bought it online in 2006 for about $8. I checked here today and the price is now $27. But a little goes a long way; I am still using the same tub I bought back in 2006, although I now need to use less of it since my beard has turned white/gray.

Womanly Yours,



  1. Ben Nye Five O' Sharp is a similar product designed for beard cover, It's also made in the US and lists for about $8 for 8.5 grams (.3 oz) rather than the RCMA for about $27 for 3.5 grams.

    Ben Nye is available everywhere, and at the price difference is worth at least a try.

  2. Bought some a while ago on your recommendation. It enables me to use less foundation, would thoroughly recommend it. For GB readers who live in or visit London, Screen Face in Covent Garden stock it.

  3. Have you ever considered WAxing out your beard? I staarted that back in the late 60s in my late 20s. Sure it hurst but it does leave your face clear for at least a week. Once you start electrolysis it gets easier

  4. Stana -

    I'm going to try your approach and see if it works better than what I'm using. Over here, someone recommended that I first dab my face with small amounts of orangy lipstick, then use "my" shade of dermablend - blending both together on my bearded areas....

    If I'm lucky, I'll be able to say hello at FF in a few weeks - it all depends on whether I can get the days off...