Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Wanderings


Your Halloween Photos

Thank you all who sent me your femulating Halloween photos for display in THE FEMULATED slot during the month of October. There is room for more, so send me yours if you haven't already.


I had a wrestling match with YouTube last night and I lost as you can see by the broken video in the AND HER, TOO slot. I will attempt to fix it as soon as I can.

New Cocktail Dress

Looks like I will get my new cocktail dress in time to model at the fashion show on Friday, that is, assuming it fits. Ideeli shipped it yesterday and according to the UPS tracker, it arrived at the local UPS facility this morning, so I will probably get it tomorrow.

Back to Reality

I was on vacation last week. Stayed up late most nights and slept in late most mornings.

So getting up at 5:30 AM Monday morning was difficult. To make matters worse, I now find Orion peeking through the bathroom skylight instead of rays from Mr. Sun.

Day Three of reality and I am still not acclimated to my normal schedule!


  1. No worries about acclimating, dear Stana. Quite confident you look beautiful. Good luck on Friday. You will be a source of delight and envy.

    Cheers - Petra

  2. YAY new dress. I'm sending "it'll fit beautifully" vibes for you!