Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Erred

I arrived at work yesterday and noticed that the seam on one of my walkers was broken exposing my sock-covered toes.

Since the weather was wet, I decided that I needed a new pair of walkers as soon as possible. (I hate wearing wet socks, don't you?)

Payless is having a BOGO sale, that is, buy one pair of shoes and get a second pair at half price. So, I decided to go to Payless during lunch, replace my broken walkers and buy something in the women's aisles of the store.

Before I went to Payless, I swapped my socks for a pair of knee-highs so when I tried on women's shoes, I would get a better idea how they fit.

I arrived at Payless and perused my size in the women's section and found absolutely nothing of interest. I did find walkers in my size in the men's aisle and I took advantage of the sale and both two pairs.

Back at work, I swapped my knee-high for my socks and swapped my broken walkers for a new pair. Whereas the walkers fit comfortably when I tried them on in the store wearing knee-highs, they were uncomfortably tight wearing socks.

So I go back to Payless today wearing socks.


  1. What's a "walker?" I'm quite confused by this post.

  2. Anonymous --- A "walker" is a walking shoe or sneaker, as opposed to a running shoe/sneaker.

  3. I, too, was confused by the term "walker" I'm glad it got cleared up! I don't see a difference between a walker and a runner, if they fit ok then I'm down with them! Kind of how I feel about my heels.

  4. Or just wear knee-highs. And I bet you can find a pair of walkers on the women's side of the aisle. Mine are from New Balance. My only (male) dress shoes are from Aerosoles, and they only fit well with tights or trouser socks.