Saturday, October 15, 2011

Up in the Air

I received a phone call Friday afternoon that threw my Halloween at work en femme plans up in the air. My sister is having surgery on the 31st and I may have to take her to the hospital that morning.

She will not know what her schedule is for that day until the 29th, so my plans are in limbo until then.

I have absolutely no problem taking my sister to the hospital en femme, but she has a big problem with it.

In consideration of the stress that she will already have facing surgery, I will not press the matter.

Even though she has no interest in meeting her sister face-to-face, she has been supportive from afar and I plan to be there for her when she needs her brother.


  1. As usual you are quite right, this is one of those occasions when you just have to get your priorities in the right order, family comes first.

  2. Good for you! While male or female makes little difference to you it makes a large one to her. At least you see that.

    I wish her all the best!

  3. Life is what happens when you make plans.

    I wish your sister all the best.

    Maybe the tiniest hint about what your plans were, along with assurance that she comes first, will help open the door to the healing that comes from within, not from the doctors.

  4. Also... I want the Macy's dress and Joanie B's courage!

    Oddly, today's "word verification" is "bigho"

  5. It is the womanly thing to do to care for others... this is what we TG persons always are learning.

    Nice wedding dress on Joannie B!


  6. Some time ago I turned down an opportunity to perform a small kindness as it conflicted with some planned (and hard won) femme time.

    Since then I've had many further opportunities for femme time, and none to perform that kindness again. I regret that choice, and commend yours.