Thursday, January 20, 2011

To Do: One Down, Ten To Go

bali_cami I have already accomplished one of the eleven items on my January 1st To Do List: get rid of my back fat

I learned how at Fantasia Fair back in October when I attended the "Essence of Style: Image Consulting" workshop run by Hera Navassardian. During the workshop Q&A, I asked how to get rid of back fat.

One of Hera's assistants, who also femulates on occasion, explained how she does it: she hides it using shapewear.

I made a mental note.

I recalled the mental note when I tried on the Victoria's Secret sweater dress I bought myself for Christmas. It fit like a glove and revealed my back fat.

Coincidentally, the new Avon catalog was selling a Bali shapewear camisole that let you wear your own bra, while claiming that it "Flattens tummy, smoothes back… solves dilemmas."

I ordered an XL in black.

When it arrived, I thought I was going to need a bigger cami, but it stretched to fit and worked as advertised: my back fat was gone!

I am going to order a second one in beige.


  1. Isn't it great when a promise is made and then delivered! Unlike 90% of mascara ads!


  2. I too discovered that good quality shape wear can aid in sculpting ones femme form. I use the Vedette range and find they are firming and flattering and make me feel more confident when wearing summer fashions here in Australia.
    ps- Love this site.