Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Do

I planned to spend the day at First Event last Friday, but I canceled my plans because the weather forecast did not look promising.

When it snows, I avoid driving especially over long distances. (First Event is about 130 miles away, which is a very long distance in a snowstorm.)

As it turned out, it did snow early Friday morning, so I did not cancel my plans for nothing.

I figured that one day at First Event would have cost me about $75 (including meals and a tank of gas to get there and back).

With 75 unspent dollars burning a hole in my knock-off designer bag, I decided to invest the money in a new hairdo.


  1. Money very well spent! Is this one of the worst winters ever?

  2. I love this hairdo. Very pretty.

  3. Looking forward to a picture of you in the new do.