Friday, January 7, 2011

When I Was A Red

Before I discovered that I was really a blonde, I thought I was really a redhead, as shown in this May 1995 photo.

My belief in my redheadedness goes back to when I was a baby. I don't recall it myself, but my parents always claimed that I was a redhead in my very early years. (Gradually my hair color turned brown, later gray, and still later thin.)

Anyway, when I was choosing a wig color, I figured red might work since I started here as a redhead. Turned out that I liked myself as a redhead and wore various shades of red for years.


  1. Thank you for this nice trip down memory lane.
    I love the different wigs. It is one of the subtle joys of crossdressing that with the changing of the wig we can effect an entirely different look...almost a different person. Each of these photos show the underlying beautiful you, but, the hair creates more than mere nuances.
    Choosing our 'hair de jour' may be one advantage we have over many GGs. GGs are expected to have basically the same hair every day. CDs, on the other hand, can radically alter their look merely by changing the top piece.
    Great photos.

  2. I've always pictured myself as a redhead, too...although as a male I've had sort of mousy brown hair all my life (now with a fair amount of gray). I have two red wigs--one pageboy, one short and sassy--one blonde one (shoulder-length, slightly wavy), and one black (that I seldome wear anymore--looks too harsh, IMO).

    In the red wigs, I tend to look very much like my mother; in the blonde, more like my sister (the only blonde in my family).

  3. Every woman has a choice on color and style.It's a fact that is kept away from men. I'm glad I dont have to limit myself at this point in my life.

  4. Stana,

    Here's a site where 4 girls did a great job of "femulating" 4 guys:


  5. Oh my! What's next: "I Led Three Lives"? male, female, and ??

  6. Not sure what to make of
    If it's a hoax, it's a very elaborate one that has apparently been sustained for some time. Is it possible that it's legitimate, some sort of real-life forced feminization?