Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First On My List

Anne Francis died Sunday.

The 5'8' film and television actress was probably best known for her role as Honey West in the television detective series of the same name, but I will always remember her as Robby the Robot's housemate in the science fiction film classic Forbidden Planet.

Coincidentally, on the day of her death, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) showed Forbidden Planet and I happened upon it while switching channels (I did not know she had died at the time).

While watching the film, I mentioned to my family how the monster in the film had scared the bejesus out of me when I saw the film for the first time as a 5-year-old sitting in the back seat of my family's Buick Special at the local drive-in theater.

What a predicament!

Whenever the monster appeared on the big screen, I looked away. Problem was that when I looked away from the big screen, I ended up looking out the side windows of the Buick and who knew what monsters were lurking out in the blackness beyond the Buick!

Getting back to Ms. Francis. She was the first on what would turn out to be my very long list of women who I found attractive and wanted to be like. Watch Forbidden Planet and I think you will agree that she was someone to femulate. And she had Robby the Robot at her beck and call to boot!

Rest in peace, Altaira.


  1. Forbidden Planet is another of those movies I keep meaning to see but haven't seen yet. Leslie Nielsen, of course, was a star of that movie (when he was a young dramatic actor) and also recently passed away.

    Besides Honey West, I remember Anne Francis from a memorable Twilight Zone episode. She was lovely and graceful.

  2. Anne Francis was one of my early icons, as well...I assume you've seen the Twilight Zone episode where she plays a living mannequin?

  3. Dear Stana,

    I also loved Anne Francis in the great sci-fi classic FORBIDDEN PLANET. Unfortunately, with Anne's death and that of Leslie Nielson recently, now all the principal leads in that film are gone. Let's hope that none of them run into any "monsters of the Id".

    Other memorable sci-fi films from my childhood in the 1950's were THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (probably my favorite), THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS (one of the first Harry Harryhausen stop-motion/back-projection special effects films), THIS ISLAND EARTH, INVADERS FROM MARS, and IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE.



  4. I was in love with Ann Francis - but I also wanted to be her. As a little boy , Icould not talk to any one about this!