Monday, January 31, 2011

Trans Airline Stewardesses

Hot on the heels of Andrej Pejic modeling a bridal gown on a Paris fashion show runway, we find a new Thai airline, PC Air, hiring "ladyboys" as airline stewardesses. Initilly, three lucky ladyboys were hired from over 100 trans applicants

By the way, the ladyboy "flight attendants will wear special gold-coloured 'third sex' name badges to help passengers and immigration staff to easily identify the gender they are faced with."

Thank you Gwen for alerting me to this story, which appeared in The Telegraph.


  1. What a great story and the idea of having the "alternative gender" wear a special name badge so it is clear exactly what they are could be applied mainstream, permitting us to femulate in our jobs, but in feminine dress.

  2. My cousin's wife is a flight attendant. Before I came out and transitioned, she was given a bridal shower by her co-workers and one stewards was there dressed as a stewardess.

    I was so envious!

    Needless to say, when I transitioned my cousin was totally accepting.

  3. I'm not so thrilled with the gold badges (why accept them, just to segregate them), but do I love the fact that the company is being so progressive in hiring our sisters in the first place. I don't really have a reason to fly to Thailand, but I wouldn't mind taking the flight anyway. :)

  4. yes, let's make transsexuals wear badges. Also, let's make other minorities wear identification. For example, Jews can wear the Star of David on their sleeve. Wait, haven't we been this way before?

  5. Of course wearing any stewardess uniform, and more so, of course, being employed as a stewardess is a dream, but I've always envied the Aer Lingus girls, especially whenever I see them marching smartly by wearing their full uniform, long coat, cute round hat, gloves, matching coloured hose, and clasping their shoulder bag close to their waist

  6. This name badge shit is disgusting. Only a way for company to make itself more interesting, hoping that all those ladyboy- lovers and other curious people would come and watch. Thumbs down.