Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Red Letter Sweater Day

Last night, the temperature was down to 11°F in my neighborhood and down to 5°F where I work. The forecast was that the temperature would rise to about 20°F today, so I decided to wear my warmest sweater to work.

A red ribbed turtleneck is the warmest sweater I own. I bought on clearance in the women's department at the Gap.

I am unsure whether the sweater looks that feminine. It is like the one in the photo to the right except that my sweater is a brighter shade of red.

Anyway, for what it's worth, I received a compliment ("Nice sweater") at work this morning... from a guy!


  1. I like that red sweater. Reminds me of my favorite white turtleneck.

    Temperatures hovering near zero. Where's that global warming we've been promised?


  2. Now I feel bad. It's bad enough that Florida is the only state out of 50 that hasn't had any snow this year (yeah, it snowed in Hawaii, too), but yesterday it was warm enough (relatively speaking) that I wore flip-flops to run errands in the afternoon.

  3. My wife would comment if I wore something like that, and try to discourage me. But I don't think it looks overtly feminine, and since there are women in your office who know and said nothing, I'd guess it was OK.

  4. Meg --- My wife is still asleep when I leave for work, so I could wear a bridal gown to work and she'd never know until I returned home.

    A couple of women at work gave me the once over, but never said a thing.

  5. Great Sweater.
    More on point is the concept of partial dressing. It is more than nice to have some constant connection to our CD side. Wearing a woman's sweater, or female themed socks, or under dressing, to one extent or another, seems to make all things in life feel better.