Friday, January 21, 2011

Andrej Pejic Femulates in Men's Fashion Show

Paris — Androgynous fashion model Andrej Pejic walked the runway yesterday in Jean Paul Gaultier's men's fashion show wearing a dress, heels, and other accoutrements usually associated with females.

Amazing! Isn't this a great time to be a femulator!


  1. Wow! He looks fantastic. Maybe this is the start of a trend for male models to model attire and accessories usually worn by the ladies - and for such a look to become part of mainstream male fashion - I hope so. I'd love to live in an age where men can femulate openly.

  2. JESUS!! that's a guy? why was he born so lucky?

  3. Yes, he does look lovely. Stana has featured him as her THE FEMULATED "poster girl" a few times.

    Like many of us, I love being a femulator. I have had a strong emotional need to occasionally femulate since I was about 8 years old. It's part of who I am. And, aside from the emotional need to femulate, it's flat-out FUN.

    Part of me agrees that it would be nice if femulation became much more mainstream and socially acceptable. However, another part of me might miss the extra excitement of femulating in public because I'm doing something, that although legal, is a bit of a social taboo.

    Stana, and you other femulators, do you sometimes experience an extra bit of pleasurable excitement "walking on the wild side"?



  4. It's a great time to be a YOUNG femulator. *sigh*

  5. Beatrice BlackJanuary 24, 2011

    Soooo jealous.

  6. I love her attention-grabbing hose, and those heels
    And hasn't she got the Supermodel pout down pat?