Wednesday, January 5, 2011


200156770-001 I put on a frilly apron this morning and did some housework around the blog. In the process, I updated the Womanless Archive web page and My Favorite Photos web page.
While I was tidying up, I wondered what you girls would like to see here in my blog. What is missing? What would you like to see more of (or less of)? Et cetera, et cetera.
All sincere suggestions will be considered. I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Dear Stana,

    I especially like the second to last picture of you – the one with you in dark hair, leaning against a staircase, and wearing a delightful oh-so-girlie mostly black ensemble with classic black pumps, and holding your skirt out a little bit. I can't tell if it's a dress with a shiny black belt, or a top and skirt. The combination of the long-sleeve black top, the waist slimming belt, and the widely flaring black patterned skirt are lovely. I would adore being ensconced in such feminine finery. I have some outfits with a similar concept.




  2. I definitely want to see more pics of you, dear...I'd love to see something of a timeline archive, so we could see the progression into the beautiful woman you are now.

    I'd also love to have more of your thoughts on what it means to femulate, how it differs from being transexual, for instance.

  3. re missing items on your blog, did you not once have a collection of the femulated pictures somewhere on here?

  4. Two thoughts;
    First, I seem to recall that from time to time you have run a survey. I liked the ones that I recall and would be pleased to see the occasional survey. Along these lines you can most likely pull together a post culling together your prior surveys.

    Second, I have an interest in how I look at the world around me. Basically, how are things viewed by a CD as opposed to a civilian.

    For example, this morning I was in a fairly public place with men and women in business attire. Several of the women were attractive in one way or another. I surmise that the typical civilian male, which I am in addition to being CD, would simply look at the women and think "Hot or Not". This is my basic first reaction if I am merely walking by and only have a few seconds for a craned neck look.

    On occasions when I have a bit more time to 'girl watch' my thought process goes a bit deeper.
    I tend to be instinctively and intellectually drawn to tall women. My thought process today regarding one particular woman was how tall is that lady? (5'10-5'11) How high are her heels? (3.5" - we were just about eye to eye and I was wearing my regular male dress shoes) What style of pump is she wearing? It is a lovely shoe but I did not think that the contrasting silver heel on the black suede pump worked with the rest of her outfit. I was about 90% certain that she was wearing pantyhose - but what brand? They seemed somewhat high-end and I was pretty certain that they had about 15% lycra or spandex. She had on a nice skirt. Looked like a fine wool or wool blend. Was it lined? Most likely in my opinion.

    Then I start thinking about clothes in my closet that are similar to what other women are wearing. I have pumps of a similar style but not with the contrasting heel. I have similar pantyhose, a similar skirt, etc. Then I get into wondering what size her clothes are, their brand, where she may have bought them, would they fit me, etc.?

    I apologize for my ramble but I am interested in the multiple levels of feminine appreciation and the depth of viewing that a CD may go through as it may be different from the typical male.

    Does the civilian male see a woman and think about getting her out of her clothes while the CD ponders how he can get into her clothes?
    Your thoughts or the thoughts of your readers could be interesting.

  5. "Chris --- I took "The Femulated page off the net because it was a mess. I plan to redo it, but I have not gotten to that task yet.

  6. I look forward to your finding the time to redo the femulated page.
    IMHO your best photo is about 38 down,just above the bunny pic, very feminine features in the sparkly dress and boa


  7. I would love to see a pic of you in that frilly apron darling