Friday, January 21, 2011

German Tootsie

Hansi e-mailed me that a German version of the film Tootsie is in the works. The name of the film is Rubbeldiekatz and stars Matthias Schweighöfers in the role made famous by Dustin Hoffman in 1982.

Hansi wrote that some weeks ago, she read in the news that Schweighöfers started training to walk in heels and during the 'Fashion Week AW 2011/12' in Berlin, he showed up femulated to film some scenes during that event.

The accompanying photo is the actor as he appeared at Fashion Week. You can find more photos here.

In my humble opinion, I much prefer Schweighöfers' femulation to Dustin Hoffman's.


  1. Schweighöfer vs. Hoffman is no contest. Schweighöfer looks great.

  2. If you want to translate the page go to Google > More > Translate and enter the URL of the web-site

  3. I agree that Schweighöfer looks much better than Hoffman. Tootsie is well overdue for a re-make and is even more relevant now than it was in the early 80's.

  4. Also nice is this picture:

  5. Russell,
    Hit it on the head "I agree that Schweighöfer looks much better than Hoffman. Tootsie is well overdue for a re-make and is even more relevant now than it was in the early 80's." Can't wait to see it if it get's state side?

  6. tootsie was good for it's time, i think we've learned a lot more since then about femulating

  7. They worked with Hoffman for around a month trying to get him to even slightly NOT look like a guy in a dress, and were about to scrub the entire project when someone came up with the look that was in the movie. Just squint a lot when he is on screen . . . ;-)

  8. Dear Stana,

    Schweighöfers looks absolutely lovely. Yes, he is much prettier and more feminine looking than the great actor Dustin Hoffman. Dustin made TOOTSIE such a great film due to his superb acting talent, and as-good-as-possible femulation created by expert Hollywood makeup and costume professionals.

    Dustin has said in multiple interviews that he wished he could have looked prettier as Dorothy. Dorothy actually says the same thing in the film's dialogue.

    Dustin is one of my favorite actors, and a pleasant looking guy. But, Schweighöfers is younger than Dustin when he did TOTSIE, and is a "pretty boy", and his beautiful male face, body type, and bone structure allow him to be a more beautiful woman than Dustin.

    Dear Stana, please periodically update us on anything pertinent you discover about the upcoming film.



  9. NO question - Dustin Hoffman is a great actor and he did a great job as TOOTSIE!
    Nobody would have guessed that it was not a woman. But it was a type of woman, you (as a guy) would not turn your head, if she passes by.
    Maybe it was because of his physic material; but I guess, it was also advised, that Tootsie should not look too beautiful, to avoid homophobic critics and maybe not to encourage other guys, to give their femulation a try.
    And this is something I have seen in many crossdressing movies like that: if (s)he looks or acts ridiculous, it is okay; but do not try to look hot and convincing! the audience might think you are gay or weird. What ever.
    This was beginnig of the 80s and now, about 30 years later, we are in the lucky position to be more liberal, to have a more opened society.
    And this allows actors, to play even such feminine roles, wthout getting the stamp on it "gay" or whatever. It is just crossdressing, it is fun and it is no longer treated like a pathologic disposition.

    No question, Matthias Schweighöfer looks great! fabulous! This kind of girl I would like to ask to go out! Absolutely stunning! So I am very nervous and looking forward, to see this movie as soon as possible! It is indicated to be published in autumn 2011, so we have to be patient. But as soon as I see further pictures and read stories, I will keep you informed!

    Does anybody need the translation (from german to english) of the news? Pls. let me know. I will try to do it.

  10. Trailer: