Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First I Look At the Purse

Maybe it's just me. Maybe it has something to do with the environment or the era in which I grew up. But in my mind, a purse, clutch, handbag, pocketbook, etc., is the defining part of an outfit that indicates that you really mean business with regards to presenting femininely.

I can wear a wig, dress, heels, full makeup, earrings, necklace, bracelet, pantyhose, tampon, bra, girdle, panties, etc., but until I add a purse to my outfit, only then do I feel that I am really femulating.

Without a purse, a guy in a dress still has a lot of freedom, especially in his upper body, to move and motion in a manly manner. Hand him a purse and that is a mare of a different color. She now has to move and motion differently; she must consider her purse at all times and move accordingly.

"Moving accordingly" means moving like a lady, that is, she must carry herself like other lady's who are carting a bag.

While you are at it, carry a nice bag. A designer bag is to die for and shows the other girls that you are really concerned about your feminine appearance.

A designer bag does not have to bust your budget; the consignment shops are full of like-new designer bags at cut-rate prices.

So, get a nice bag and carry yourself and the bag like a lady.

And happy femulating!

Here are a couple of how-to's on the topic of carrying handbags:

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  1. Since I carry a purse (not a murse.. that is really lame) anyway, I hadn't given it much thought, but you are definitely right, and the classier the better.

    By the way, 'tampon' ??? Carrying this femulation a bit far aren't you? :-D

  2. Stana,
    I carry a 'man-bag'(it's really a purse) with me everywhere I go and couldn't do without it, no more pockets full of 'stuff'. It's rather stylish and will work in casual girl mode too.

    Hugs, Elly

  3. If my wife and I were wearing femme outfits together I would be the one to wear the skirt and heels, since my wife does not wear either of those items and I do.

    Johanna H.