Tuesday, August 25, 2009

an invitation

As if I need an excuse to get dressed up, I, Staci, not my boy mode persona, received a wedding invitation today. I was very surprised to receive it. It is the first wedding invitation that I have ever received en femme and I intend to attend.

What to wear to a wedding?

I've never faced that problem before from the feminine side of my closet, but it is a very nice problem for a fashionista like me to have.

It will still be summer on the wedding day, so I have a few summer outfits to consider. Or maybe I should buy something new; with summer winding down, there should be some good deals on summer dresses in the stores.

And, I can't think of a better place than to wear my new hairdo for the first time.


  1. "Male attending an opening at MMA" looks a lot like Agyness Deyn. Vary sharp!

  2. Elaine --- You're right; he does look like Agyness Deyn. Maybe my source was mistaken.

  3. Very,Very exciting! Have a blast. Your beautiful!

  4. What a terrific honor Staci Lana. Very happy for you, and for your friends who appreciate both you and femulation.

  5. Petra & Anonymous --- I am very honored and very psyched about the opportunity to attend a wedding en femme.

  6. VERY cool! Catch the bouquet! :)