Monday, August 3, 2009


I've mentioned this here in the past: I seldom remember my dreams, but when I do, it is usually a trans-related dream.

I have had a few trans-related dreams lately, but nothing unusual. (The plot of most of them lately is that I am getting dressed en femme somewhere and my dream ends before I finish dressing because I misplaced some of my wardrobe.)

Last night's trans-related dream was completely different.

I dreamed I was watching a film starring Will Ferrell.

Why Will Ferrell? He is not one of my favorite actors, so maybe he turned up in my dream because I just finished reading a book about Saturday Night Live.

For whatever reason, Mr. Ferrell was the star of the film in my dream. The film was a comedy in which he is married and has two pre-teenaged daughters.

I don't recall what happened in the film until the last scene, which occurs outside the front door of the Ferrell's suburban home. In that last scene, the door opens and Ferrell's film wife comes out in her Sunday best. Next, his two film daughters come out, also in their Sunday best.

The two girls line up next to their mother along the front walk and they all look toward the front door with a lot of anticipation.

The door opens and Ferrell comes out in wig, full makeup, heels, and ankle-length silver dress. His wife and daughters are so happy for him.

And so it goes.

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  1. I've had all kinds of strange and unusual dreams, but rarely a trans-dream... certainly not a Will Ferrel related dream. lol Was rather interesting reading your recollection of it.

    I usually remember my dreams for a while after awaking, but the memories fade quickly. I'd honesly like to have more trans-dreams - dreams in which I am Gabrielle rather than Gabe. It's ony happened a couple of times.

    Dreaming can really be fun at times - especially the occassional lucid dream. Even the nightmares are interesting... after awaking and realizing they're just a dream, anyway.