Friday, August 28, 2009

shopping for a wedding guest dress

This afternoon, I went shopping for a new dress to wear to the wedding. I went in boy mode to a Dress Barn I had never shopped at before. Good timing on my part because Dress Barn was having a clearance sale - 50% off - on summer dresses.

I perused the clearance racks and found five dresses that I liked. A salewoman asked how I was doing and I said I'd like to try on the dresses I had in hand. Without batting an eye, she found an empty dressing room for me and let me at it.

All five dresses fit (three were sized 14W and two 16W), but I did not like one at all after I tried it on, another was similar to one I already owned, and I eliminated a third dress because it was similar to the fourth dress, which I liked much better. The fifth dress was lovely and perfect for a wedding, so I bought the fourth and the fifth.

The fourth dress is a white satin sheath with large black swirls and a narrow black belt. This knee-length dress has a boat neck collar with a asymmetrical v-shaped slit on one side that reveals a little skin below the neckline. It is a beautiful dress and certainly suitable for a wedding, but the fifth dress is the one I plan to wear to the nuptials.

My wedding guest dress is a two-piece: a dress and a jacket. The dress piece is two tone. The black top looks like a jumper top: a square collar with wide straps (no sleeves). The white skirt is a lightly pleated, flared and lined with a black floral print at the hem that extends upward about four-fifths the length of the skirt. A wide black patent belt bisects the top and skirt. A black short-sleeved buttonless short jacket with white stitching completes the two-pieces. It is absolutely gorgeous and I look forward to wearing it.

The fourth dress listed for $59.99 and the fifth dress for $69.99. With the clearance sale and a 30% discount coupon I had, I paid only $54.49 for the two.

By the way, I was the only customer in boy mode in Dress Barn. All the other customers were in girl mode and paid me no mind even when I entered and exited the dressing room area with a fist full of dresses.


  1. I was thinking about your "label" post from a few days ago. I think behaviour labels exist so a "disorder" can be added to DSM and the pharmaceutical companies can get money to "treat" you.

    But you have the perfect label ~ you're a femulator. If someone asks what it means, describe yourself. If someone else has the same "symptoms", well, they're femulators too.

    You're a leader. AND you're going to a wedding, dressed. You're living the life I want to live! :)

  2. Dress Barn is one of my favorite stores because company policy is to be T* friendly.

  3. And I thought is was just a local thing. They do have the same "policy" in the Dress Barn's here. I'm beginning to think it is not "policy" but a real committment to get business from the trans community.

  4. I shop often in boy mode and neverhave a problem. Thast goog ol' visa card trumps everything.

  5. AndeeW & Calie --- Dress Barn is very supportive. They were very willing to let me host two in-store parties for my support group this past year.

  6. Miqqi --- I never have a problem either, but it still surprises me!

  7. Wearing a black bra under a white shirt is a giveaway but the assistants at Honour were more than keen to help me try on my latex 8 suspender girdle and seam stockings.