Thursday, August 6, 2009

dreaming and Cousin Serena

I am on a roll when it comes to remembering dreams this week.

Overnight, I dreamed I was back in college. I was good friends with a girl I greatly admired and I finally asked her out on a date. While she was accepting my invitation, she mentioned that she was OK with my trans thing. There were other bits of the dream that I remembered, but nothing else was trans-related.

Last night, I watched The Twilight Zone episode from 1961 titled "Two" featuring Elizabeth Montgomery and Charles Bronson. While watching the show, I noticed that the future Mrs. Darren Stephens stacked up favorably with Mr. Bronson height-wise, so I looked her up and discovered that she was 5'8.5" tall, which rounds out nicely to 5'9" on the Famous Females of Height list.

In my youth, I watched Bewitched a lot until it jumped the shark. I dunno about you, but I preferred cousin Serena over Samantha. Serena was sexier and sassier and I preferred her wardrobe over Sammy's Donna Reed housewife drag. If I had to choose which witch to be, Serena would be my choice.


  1. I thought I either passed along CSI's Liz Vassey for your list or saw her there before, but add her -- she's 5'9".

    Ms. Vassey grew up here in Tampa, and her career achievements are always big news for the local entertainment reporters. She even played a magically transformed M-to-F once in an episode of the brief "Fantasy Island" revival in the 90s.

  2. Roscoe --- I searched my e-mails from the previous 18 months and find no mention of Ms. Vassey, but I will add her to the list post haste.

  3. I was bewitched by Sam in Bewitched, then again i am something of a housewife myself, just wish that sometimes I could just twitch my nose to do the house work and leave more time for searching through the wardrobe. Never was really thought of as sexy , c'est la vie.

    Love your page Caroline X