Monday, August 10, 2009

what I will be wearing this fall... maybe

I am starting to see some fall fashions that interest me!

Above left is a dress that appeared in the Kmart flyer that came with Sunday's newspaper. It is a Jaclyn Smith style and the price is right, but I am not going to Kmart to buy it because I hate the local Kmart! It is a pigsty and I refuse to shop there. Also, I have problems with Kmart clothing fitting me properly, so it probably looks a lot better on Jaclyn than it would look on me.

The other two dresses are now appearing in the Metrostyle catalogs. The sheath in the center might look fabulous on me, whereas I have my doubts about the peasant top dress.

Despite its appearance, the peasant top "outfit" is a one-piece dress, not a separate top and a skirt. I love the way it looks on the model. However, in my opinion, the peasant top adds width to the upper body, while the pencil skirt subtracts width from the lower body, which is just the opposite of what I need.

I will add the two Metrostyle dresses to my wish list and forget about the Kmart dress.

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