Friday, August 28, 2009

a tall addition

Leslie Ann e-mailed me that Hoda Kotb of the Today Show is 5’9”, so I will add her to my Famous Females of Height List.

While I was looking through some blog files of works in progress, I stumbled upon a list I compiled months ago of tall females of note that were missing from my Famous Females of Height List. Problem is that I cannot recall the source. But I will add them all to my list ASAP.

Kirstie Alley --- US actress
Catherine Bach --- US actress
Sandra Bullock --- US actress
Cathy Lee Crosby --- US actress
Denise Crosby --- US actress
Portia De Rossi --- Australian actress
Amanda Donohoe --- UK actress
Sarah Ferguson --- UK royalty
Linda Gray --- US actress
Mariska Hargitay --- US actress
Katherine Hepburn --- US actress
Elizabeth Hurley --- UK actress and model
Lauren Hutton --- US model and actress
Martina Navratilova --- Czech tennis player
Geraldine Page --- US actress
Natasha Richardson --- UK actress
Susan Saint James --- US actress
Xenia Seeberg --- German Actress
Madeleine Stowe --- US actress
Leslie Ann Warren --- US actress

Hoda Kotb --- US television host

Colleen Porch --- US actress
Frederique Van Der Wal --- actress

Nicole Steinwedell --- US actress

Miranda Hart --- UK actress
Adriana Sklenarikova --- Slovakian model
Michelle Wie --- US golfer

Hope Emerson --- US actress, who appears on stage in the 1930’s in the photo (above right) with 5’5” comedian Joe Laurie, Jr.


  1. Staci,

    Here's another one: Imogen Heap. She's 6-0.

    I wasn't aware that she was that tall until I saw her on Letterman promoting the new CD. I've been a fan for a long time.

    Watch the end of the clip when Dave wanders over and stand next to Immi. He's 6-2.

  2. Roscoe --- Thank you. I have added Ms. Heap to the list.

  3. I was just reading that the authorities in the UK are looking into the death of former Rolling Stones' band member Brian Jones. And I recalled his leggy girlfriend, model, actress, and fashion designer Anita Pallenberg, who turns out to be 5'9" tall.