Tuesday, August 4, 2009

transdreaming again

(updated below)

As I wrote yesterday, "I seldom remember my dreams, but when I do, it is usually a trans-related dream."

Also, I remember dreams in batches, i.e., if I remembered a dream last night, I am more likely to remember a dream tonight and maybe tomorrow night.

And so I remembered a dream from last night after remembering a dream the previous night, and last night's remembered dream was trans-related.

In last night's remembered dream, I went to work en femme. Nobody in the office seemed surprised by my office girl drag appearance. Everyone acted as if there was nothing unusual about what I was wearing. I do remember having a minor wardrobe malfunction that needed adjustment, but that is all I remember.

I am anxious to find out what is in store for me in dreamland tonight!


I did remember a dream from last night and it was very weird, but was completely unrelated to my trans-ness.


  1. I like the theme of your dream, Staci. Your subconscious mind offered you a rather uplifting and positive experience at work en femme - something most of us only *dream* about (no pun intended... well, maybe a little) but have yet to realize.

    I'm a bit curious about your wardrobe malfunction, but I guess that will remain a bit of a mystery for now. Even so, my imagination is having some fun with it. lol

    Try not to get too excited about tonight's dreaming potential, else you might end up having trouble falling asleep. :o

    Sweet trans-dreams. :)

  2. Gabrielle --- The wardrobe malfunction was not of the Janet Jackson proportion. All I did is wear my sweater inside out!

  3. Gabrielle --- Yes, my most recent transdreams have been very positive and I think reflect on my real life en femme, which has been very positive lately.

  4. Thanks for clarifying the wardrobe malfunction, Staci. lol Not quite as colorful as my crazy imagination, but something we've all done.

    I love the positive vibe present in your transdreams and in your blog in general. It rubs off on visitors and makes the day a little more enjoyable. :)

  5. Gabrielle --- Thank you for the very kind words.