Sunday, August 30, 2009

our pretty cashier

My spouse and I went grocery shopping this afternoon.

When we were ready to check out, I maneuvered our shopping cart to the shortest line. While we waited for the customer ahead of us to ante up, I noticed that our 20-something cashier had straight shoulder-length dark brown hair parted down the middle and that he was wearing eyeliner (on both upper and lower lids) and mascara (on both upper and lower eyelashes).

I checked his name badge to confirm that he was male and when he spoke, his voice added further proof.

As we left the store, I asked my spouse if she noticed the cashier.

She responded, "Yes, I noticed her... she had such a deep voice!"

I surprised my spouse when I told her that our cashier was male.

Don't know if our cashier was trans-something or not, but he sure was pretty.


  1. More and more younger men are wearing eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. It has become a trend to assimilate some of the rock groups that also do the same. It seems to be the latest thing for high school males. You will also see some with other facial makeup. It may be to improve their complexion but it is still being worn.

    Many adult males are using makeup to give the appearance of a rested, youthful businessman. Especially the ones that do a lot of traveling. Males are starting to find out what women have know for years. Many are humbling themselves and using the practices daily to improve their image while still in a male presentation. I have become one of them. If done correctly it is not noticeable.

  2. I am seeing this more and more often, and whether this young man was doing it to follow a trend or as a demonstration of his feminine desires is not significant. What is important is that it is accepted. His employer did not tell him to remove his makeup (as would surely have happened twenty years ago).

    It is refreshing that society as a whole is becoming more tolerant, and seeing youth embrace this tolerance is a sign that the best is yet to come!

  3. Spouse? Does she know about your free time blog? Cause my mum and pop would hang me. Dad said he'd shoot me or my brother if we were gay and he includes this in that

  4. Edie & Sensual --- I've seen guys wearing makeup before, but not a cashier at a grocery store in this neck of the woods! It did my heart good to see him, but I was also just a little bit jealous.

  5. Niki --- My spouse does not own a gun.

  6. Staci, hopefully you steer more of your food shopping business to this store in the future. I might go so far as to put in a good word for the cashier, to counter the negative comments the store might have received in the past.

    Your wife's observations were refleshing. It sounds like if we can conceal a few telltale male 'clues' most people will judge us as female, even when one or two clues do peek out later, such as the voice.

  7. Lynn --- Good suggestion. We shop at that store weekly and I will try and steer our shopping cart in that cashier's direction whenever I see him in the future.