Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday's wash

Femulate This (Not):

As a counterpoint to this blog's "Femulate This:" feature (on the left), the devil often prods me to feature females not to femulate. And after seeing Orly Taitz's act, the devil almost pushed me over the brink.

Fall Fashions

The fall fashions are turning up here and there in dribs and drabs and so far, I have seen nothing to die for!

Transhibernation: Month Two

Speaking of fall, Month Two of my annual transhibernation is underway and I am so looking forward to the cooler months when I can go out en femme again especially since I feel so confident now. It is like I had a complete makeover and I am anxious to go out to strut my stuff.

Just What The World Needs...

Sometimes I think about writing a book about all this.


  1. Please do write a book. I promise you 1 advance order and a nice little plug. As for Orly Taitz, sometimes the devil must be heeded. Don't be shy. Frank exchanges of views of this variety can be a healthy frontier of Femulation.

  2. I think you should certainly write a book on it.

    You might cover topics such as a) the phsychology of the cross dresser b) techniques I use to pass c) how to handle yourself in tricky situations ....basically a manual for those of us who want to pass.....and if you publish it as an eBook, it will cost less and you can have more photos and diagrams and will save us the embarrassment of somebody finding it on our bookshelves. :)

  3. Petra --- I promise you a personally autographed copy.

  4. Monica --- Thank you for the book ideas.