Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pain of Rain

In her comments to my Monday post, Pat convinced me to forgo my plans to wear pants and stick to my original plans to wear a dress on my day out on Tuesday. I seriously considered the pants option in light of the weather forecast for rain in Noah's Ark proportions, but I really wanted to wear my new sweater dress and it did not take much arm-twisting to change my mind, which, of course, is a woman's prerogative.

Also, I recalled that I had a mid-calf length trench coat in the back of my closet. Peaches gave me the coat, but I had never worn it because I avoid going out during a deluge. But I was committed to doing outreach, so it saved the day and kept most of me dry while I slogged through the rain across the campus.

My feet were not so lucky. I switched to flats when I did my slogging, but I might have been better off sticking to my pumps, which would have elevated my heels above some of the puddles I could not avoid. Bottom line is that I should have worn boots!

Anyway, I did my face, got dressed and was on the road by 9:30 AM. It was the debut of my new dress, new hairdo and newly-reduced (by 12 pounds) body. I have not weighed this little since I was a sophomore in college, so I was pretty jazzed with the new me!

I made a couple of shopping stops on the way to the site of my outreach, Southern Connecticut State University. First stop was Macy's where I shopped for a hat. I tried on almost every hat that Macy's had in their display and I only liked one, but I did not like it enough to pay $50. I proceeded to Dress Barn, where I found a similarly-styled hat for only $17, which I bought on the spot.

Starting out at 9:30, there was hardly any rain, but as I proceeded to New Haven, the light shower had developed into a heavy rainstorm. When I arrived at the university, I sat in my Subaru for awhile waiting for the rain to let up. But it did not, so girded my loins and prepared to test the rain aversion capabilities of my trench coat and umbrella.

Source: Intermix
Wearing A.L.C.

West Point cadet
A femulating West Point cadet.


  1. That's not a dress, it's a cardie!

    1. It is a dress, not a cardigan. It does not have an open front. I have to pull it over my head to wear it. Perhaps you were fooled by the fake non-functioning buckle.

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  2. Lovely dress, Stana ~ and the photo of you sitting on the bedside table is one of your best!


  3. Love your dress. You look great in it.

  4. What a stunning dress! And I can understand your hesitation about getting make up on it!

  5. Love the dress! And Stana, you have fantastic legs!

  6. Glad to know the overcoat went to good use.

    When I worked in Downtown Seattle, I noted that Hunter wellies were a female status symbol, similar to pricey handbags elsewhere. While I might debate the economics of expensive purses, however, I get the point of buying Hunter. Payless has knockoffs, but the quality of those comes and goes.