Wednesday, December 28, 2016

In the Cards

One of my relatives reads tarot cards. She is very proficient and makes a very good living at it.

I have never had an opportunity to take her up on her kind offers to read my cards gratis… until yesterday. I have never had my cards read by anyone, so it was all new to me.

My relative was using a past lives deck of tarot cards, so her reading would be related to my past lives. She knows that I have trans issues, yet she was shocked that the first card I drew out of the tarot deck was the Male-Female card.

According to the book that accompanies the deck of cards she was using, the Male-Female card “signifies that you’ve lived most of your lives as a different gender, than the one you embody in this life. For example, you may now be living as a female, while in most of your previous lifetimes, you were a male.

“In such cases, gender confusion and even health issues are often related to this change of gender over lifetimes. Because for most of your lifetimes you lived as the other sex, you may not feel comfortable in your own skin. If this is your first lifetime as a woman, you may develop gynecological issues or even experience infertility. If this is your first lifetime as a man, you may not relate to traditional masculine roles.

“This card asks you to have compassion for yourself, and trust that our soul is doing the best it can. Remember that your soul is the result of all of your past experiences.”


Source: Intermix
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Walton Coggins
Walton Coggins femulates in television's Son of Anarchy.


  1. I believe you meant Walter Goggins.

  2. Maybe you're just prepping for your next life.