Friday, December 16, 2016

Primping for the Prom

Source: Macy's
Wearing Fame and Partners.

Ikuta Toma
Ikuta Toma (left) femulating in the 2016 Japanese film Karera ga Honki de Amutoki wa.


  1. I don't recall you mentioning... Have you ever had a gown opportunity?

    1. I could have worn evening gowns to the various LGBT-related banquets I have attended, but I usually wore cocktail dresses, except for one time:

    2. Lovely! I've never been to a gown event. I'd love to do it for a civilian thing.

  2. Dear Stana,

    You looked lovely in your full-length black gown! Like you, however, I actually prefer a very feminine and pretty near-knee-length cocktail dress to a long gown. However, it is fun to navigate stairs in a full-length gown and have to hold up the long skirt to avoid tripping. It's a joy like having to hold your skirt in when out in windy conditions. These movements may be a bother to someone who wears dresses and skirts for her whole life, but for we occasional femulators they are a girlish delight.