Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tuesday's Photo Op

I did outreach at a Human Sexuality class at Southern Connecticut State University yesterday. Above is a photo of the class, Professor Schildroth and me after outreach. As you can see, I wore a dress rather than pants despite the miserable weather (thanks to Pat's comments for motivating me to do so). Also, thanks to Mary Anne for taking the photo. I will have more to say about my day out in upcoming posts. 

Source: StyleWe
Wearing StyleWe.

Le Grande Illusion
Femulating at a World War I POW camp in the 1937 French film Le Grande Illusion


  1. Reference THE DRESS! Well done and what else could you wear? You stand out beautifully and it sort of makes a mockery of the argument that "men" can't wear dresses because only "women" are allowed to wear them when everyone else there - who ALL seem to be female - are dressed in drab trousers(pants) or leggings. If females have altered the notion of what is regarded as female garments then how can anyone object if males decide to alter the notion of what is classed as male garments. I hope you made them all feel drab, dreary and poorly dressed. Regards, Catherine [never worn trousers].

  2. You look great in that dress and there are no visible wet marks on your hose.

  3. Wonderful, Stana. You look fabulous! Thanks for carrying the flag for the rest of us, who can't do stuff like that!


  4. Women who dress like the students in the photo invariably say they "just want to be comfortable". What could be more physically comfortable than a tiered peasant skirt and a ruffled blouse? It's the emotional discomfort they have with the role one must fulfill when dressed in pretty clothes. If they can choose to opt out, I should have the right to opt in.