Thursday, December 8, 2016

Readers Welcome

Today's Femulator spot features Femulate reader, Lily Longlegs. I believe it is her first appearance here. I would love to feature other Femulate readers in the Femulator spot, too, especially readers who have not appeared here in the past.

Send me your photo and as long as it is suitable for family consumption, I will post it in the Femulator spot. If you would like to tell us about yourself, I will also include a brief bio with your photo (by "brief," I mean about one paragraph in length). Tell us where you are from, your age, what you do for a living, how long you have been femulating, how far out of the closet has your femulation gone, etcetera, etcetera .

I know that anonymity is important to many readers (been there, done that), so I understand if you don't want to reveal too much and that is OK, too, but consider coming out of the closet just a little. It can do wonders for you.

Source: Eloquii
Wearing Eloquii.

Lily Longlegs
Lily Longlegs


  1. Can't remember if I participated the last time you offered this chance, but I would love to share a pic or two. Where do we send them?

    1. Send your photo to me using the "send me e-mail" link just below my mug shot (above right).

    2. Hi Stana-- Look for my email w/ submission and bio sent 5 (five) days ago, when able:)

      Kristine Anne xx