Thursday, December 15, 2016

Oscar for Femulator?

Mickey Mantle’s nephew, Kelly Mantle, is making Academy Awards history. The gender-fluid Confessions of a Womanizer performer is eligible for Oscar nominations in both male and female categories for portraying a transgender prostitute named Ginger in the film

The film’s producers submitted Mantle in both male and female categories when the paperwork for Oscar submissions required the actor be classified by gender. The Academy granted their request and Kelly is eligible for either the Supporting Actor or Supporting Actress category.

This comes in light of my post last week about femulator Paolo Ballesteros winning the Best Actor award at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Kelly Mantle in the 2014 film Confessions of a Womanizer

Source: PopSugar

Femulate reader Julie Shaw.
"Hi, I'm Julie M Shaw - 58, currently living in Spokane WA.  I've been dressing since I was a young child. Not out, but getting closer and closer each day."

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  1. Thank you for sharing my photos, Stana. I recently acquired this wig and then got up the courage to get some feminine glasses. Armed with these accessories I have found a new confidence in presenting Julie to the world. This post is another step forward in my coming out. Thank you again!