Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas in Women’s Underwear, Part Six

Christmas decor in the lobby of City Place in Hartford.

As I wrote in the previous two posts, I went out with my girlfriends Wednesday night to celebrate the holidays. Our celebration included dinner and a show in Hartford.

I drove to Diana’s house to carpool to Hartford. Since my Subaru’s clutch is not functioning properly after only 140,000 miles, Diana drove to Hartford.

Our reservation for dinner at Max Downtown was 5:30 PM. We arrived five minutes later and found Arlene, Maryann and Robin already seated.

The food was excellent as was the conversations with my friends. The restaurant staff treated us as we deserved to be treated, pleasantly acknowledging our womanhood and referring to us as “ladies” throughout the evening.

Although Max Downtown is one of Hartford’s “classiest” restaurants, I noticed that its female clientele preferred to wear trousered outfits. The only skirts I saw were those worn by the women seated at my table. That fashion trend continued when we went to the show after dinner. The temperature was hovering around 32℉/0℃, so that probably had a lot to do with the lack of skirts, but the lack of holiday glam was a little disappointing nonetheless.

As we retrieved our outerwear at the entrance to the restaurant, a group of middle-aged guys entered the restaurant. While I struggled with the zipper of my coat, one of the guys began conversing with me. I smiled and acknowledged what he was saying, but I did not file it away in my memory because we were anxious to get out of Dodge and move on to TheaterWorks before the show started.

We were going to see the same show we saw last year, Christmas on the Rocks... Christmas Eve in a rundown local bar where the bartender finds himself mixing drinks for a parade of surprising guests - children from your favorite Christmas specials and movies - now all grown up! Tiny Tim, Susan Walker, Charlie Brown, Ralphie Parker and a ballerina from The Nutcracker Suite pour out their Christmas woes in this delightful parody.

The theater is small and the seats were narrow. Last year, I was very uncomfortable the whole time and it took away from my enjoyment of the show, but this year, I was more comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Shedding 14 pounds made a difference.

After the show, we exchanged hugs and season's greeting outside the theater and went our separate ways. At home, I turned back into a pumpkin at 10:30 PM with memories of an excellent girls' night out.

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Wearing Eloquii.

Detroit area gurls femulate the Jingle Bells Rock scene from the film Mean Girls.

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  1. Angie Cox, who has a popular blog,, on fashion for thirtysomethings and fortysomethings, ran an article on Dec 1 on why skirts are no longer the rage for holiday parties. She received 80 comments that give further insight. She wrote related articles on Dec 6 and on Dec 13 with similar comments. The blog identifies several reasons, all of which make sense, but the list seems incomplete. My own wife gives me three reasons: too much work, not comfortable clothes, and the weather is too cold. I have a gut feeling that there is more to it and the missing reasons may be cultural.