Saturday, December 17, 2016

Three Shorts and Three Beauties

Trans Thinking

As a transwoman, I believe that I think differently than your average civilian. For example, when I saw the subject of a recent e-mail from Elle magazine ("50 Dresses Any Guest Can Wear to a Winter Wedding"), my first thought was, "I assume that includes male guests."

SRS Guide

Juno Medical recently published a Sex Reassignment Surgery Guide that you may find informative, as well as beneficial, especially if you are considering changing teams on a permanent basis. Here is the link to the guide:

It's a Cinch

Eight years ago, I bought a waist cincher that I wore whenever I femulated. After eight years, I thought that the cincher was still in good shape, but I decided to buy a new one at a deep discount during the Cyber Monday sales.

The new cincher was exactly the same as the old cincher... same color, same style and same size, but when I tried it on, what a difference! After eight years, the old cincher had conformed to my body shape, whereas the new cincher shaped my body to conform to its shape.

So out with the old and in with the new.

Source: PopSugar
Wearing Reem Acra.

Mishel Mood
Mishel Mood, male womenswear model

Juliet Evancho
Juliet Evancho

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