Friday, December 2, 2016

Cyber Dress

While I was at Macy's shopping for a hat on Tuesday, I saw a womanikin wearing a dress to die for. I perused a nearby rack and it came in my size, but I was reluctant to disrobe to try it on because I had on a white sweater dress that I had to pull over my head to take off and put on.

When I tried on the sweater dress at Dress Barn a month ago, I got some makeup on the dress. I pointed out the mess I made to the sales associate and somehow she cleaned off the makeup.

Next time I am at Dress Barn, I will have to ask her how she did it, but without that knowledge, I did not want to take a chance and mess my dress before my outreach session. And after I saw the price tag ($109.50), I did not feel too bad.

Online Christmas shopping the next day, I found myself on Macy's website checking out the dress and realized that cyber sales were still in affect at Macy's and I would not have to pay list price.

So I added the dress to my virtual shopping bag, proceeded to check-out and was shocked by the cyber sales price: $43.99 ― 60% off list! And free shipping!

What a deal!

Source: White House Black Market
Wearing White House Black Market.

Barry Scott and Ricky Renee
Barry Scott (center right) and Ricky Renee (far right)
femulating in the 1970 British film Goodbye Gemini.


  1. Both mascara applicators on the fashion photos say "femulator". Is that right?

  2. enjoyed your bio today 12-5-16. I thought I was reading mine for a bit. Thank you for confirming much of what I already knew. It seems we are pretty much all the same Thanks Sallee