Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas in Women's Underwear, Part Five

Dinner with Stana

As I wrote briefly in yesterday’s post, I went out with my girlfriends Wednesday evening to celebrate the holidays with dinner and a show in Hartford.

I started getting ready at 2 PM in order to leave at 4 PM. All was going well until I applied my eyeliner.

For years, I had been using a black eyeshadow applied with an eyeliner brush to line my eyes, but I recently switched to a gel eyeliner (Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil). One eye finished, I attempted to sharpen the pencil to a point before doing the other eye.

Sharpening a gel eyeliner pencil is easy when the gel is cold, but after being in my hot hands for a few minutes, the gel was now warm. Instead of coming to a point, the tip of the pencil turned to mush when I tried to sharpen it. Running the pencil under cold water to try and cool things off did not work. I now had wet mush!

As an Avon lady, all my makeup is backed up with a big collection of Avon produce. So I dug into my tackle box and found a black Glimmersticks eyeliner pencil and did the other eye trying to approximate the gel eyeliner application on the other eye. Close up in the makeup mirror, it was not a perfect match, but standing back about six feet, I could not see a difference and was good to go.

On paper, that does not sound like a big deal time-wise, but that ate about 15 minutes off the clock and I began to worry about getting out later than planned.

With makeup done and wig in place, I got dressed.

I lost another ten minutes putting on my watch. It is impossible to explain in a thousand words or less, so I will just state that the clasp of the watch did not clasp properly (it was jammed instead of clasped) and it took ten minutes to unjam it and then clasp it properly.

Now I was really worried about hitting the pavement on time.

And I almost left the house without my wallet, but remembered it when I noticed the void in my pocketbook.

I was on my way at 4:15 PM… a little late, but not a lotta late!

Stana’s Makeup Tip of the Day!

Put your wig on as soon as possible during your makeup application in order to get a better idea of what the results will look like on a woman with a hairdo, rather than a guy with a haircut. But be careful when you apply mascara. More than once, I have applied mascara to stray hairs of my wig.

Source: PopSugar

Charles Demetri

La Grande Illusion
World War I prisoners of war femulating in the 1937 French film La Grande Illusion.

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  1. Putting your wig on sooner is a good idea. I always apply my blusher only after I am full wigged and dressed so as to judge the balance of colour and intensity.