Monday, November 28, 2016

Dress Like A Woman

Tomorrow, I will be doing outreach at a Human Sexuality class at Southern Connecticut State College. I planned to wear my new Dress Barn acquisition: a white cable knit sweater dress, but the weather forecast says a hard rain’s gonna fall.

Since I will have to slog through the rain for a half mile across the campus from a parking lot to a classroom, I will dress like a woman would for inclement weather: I will wear pants… woman’s pants, of course, but definitely a bifurcated garment.

Doing outreach is a crapshoot. There are usually four or five of us and we each spend about 5 minutes giving a brief trans bio. And then there is a question and answer session with the students.

About half the time, the students look like deer in the headlights and getting them to ask questions is frustrating. The other half of the time, the students who are ready to hit us with a variety of thoughtful and stimulating questions.

Some of the questions are memorable. I think my favorite was when a female student asked me, “Are you married?”

After I said, “Yes,” her follow-up question was “To a woman?”

Source: Bazaar
Wearing Bloomingdale's.

Hansi Sturm
Hansi Sturm, professional femulator, Berlin circa 1930


  1. I have such a hard time finding pants that look good on me. Consequently, I rarely ever wear them, even when the weather favors them. The closest thing I wear to pants is a lovely pair of gauchos that do happen to flatter my shape in a feminine way. So, if it is real pants weather I'm in gauchos and tall boots.

  2. Trade-offs.
    Pants, when the get wet, will take longer to dry.
    Heavier gauge hose such as opaques or tights will take a lot longer to dry than sheer hose. I have been out in the rain where my hose and heels got wet but the sheer hose tend to dry in short order, especially if they are close to my skin color. Your dress will stay dry under a rain coat. If you opt for the dress I would have booties or boots for the walk and then change into heels for the presentation..
    Just my two cents.
    Good luck and have fun.

    1. I had the chance to see what I had suggested today with two professionally dressed women who had both had to walk in the rain and puddles. When they arrived I noted that both had wet splash marks on their hose. The first lady (who was also wearing a lovely sweater dress when she took off her wet rain coat) was wearing 3.5" beige pumps with sheer, nude hose. It seemed like only 5-10 minutes before her hose were completely dry and you could not see any of the previously visable wetness. The other lady had beige hose and that also seemed to be completely dry and void of the wet spots in about 10 minutes.

  3. I (and perhaps others) would be interested in hearing your trans-bio as you present it to an average group of young civilians.