Saturday, December 3, 2016

Reaching Out

I wrote about shopping and slogging through the rain in my previous two posts about my day out on Tuesday. Now I will regale you with part three of the story.

The drive to Southern Connecticut State University was uneventful. If anything, traffic was lighter than usual. I parked in the visitors' parking lot that was closest to the classroom where the outreach would take place and switched to flats for the half mile walk.

Once indoors, I switched to my nude high heel pumps and proceeded to the classroom, where I met up with Professor Schildroth and my outreach teammates, Mary Anne, Michelle and Quinton, who I have done outreach with countless times.

Once the class settled in, we kicked off by telling the class our trans biographies in a nutshell. Then we split up the teams with the post-ops going to another classroom with half the students and the no-ops (Mary Anne and me) handling Q&A with the other half of the students. At the half time, the teams switched off so that all the students had a chance to interrogate the post-ops and no-ops alike.

For the first time, there were religious and political questions. In light of the recent election, the political question did not surprise me, which was how secure we felt as transgender people after the election? (My answer: Very insecure.) The religious question was how religious were we? (My answer: Not very.)

Since we are no-ops, one student asked us if we considered becoming post-ops. My answer was that at my ripe old age, I would not consider it, but if I was young again, I would seriously consider it.

I don't recall the other questions probably because they were the same or similar to questions we have answered in past outreach sessions.

At the end of the class, the students thanked us and we moseyed over to the student center for a late lunch. I had a slice of veggie pizza, which was very tasty, but a few hours later, I experienced some of the worst indigestion I've had in quite awhile. Since I had eaten nothing else that day, I assume that the peppers on the pizza did not agree with me.

Other than that blip on the radar, it was a good day out among the civilians and I hope to do it again real soon now.

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper.

Coco Martin
Coco Martin femulating in the 2015 Filipino television action drama Ang Probinsyano.


  1. I'm not surprised you suffered indigestion. From how you describe the manner by which you achieve a more female shape, your innards must have trouble doing their work and processing what you send their way. I am the same vintage as you, Stana, and for some time now - like all older persons - I am finding the need to be aware of acid reflux and learn how to control the condition. There are many over-the-counter potions available or you can take regular medication if the condition persists. Perhaps it might be time for you to appraise your situation.

    I'd be interested to know if you observe a change in the style of clothing worn by your outreach students after meeting you presenting yourself in such a feminine manner - "of old". In the sense that the herd instinct (fashion?) to be like everyone else moves on with each younger generation (as it always has done) and your style of dress might nowadays only be seen when females dress for an event - wedding, party, special meeting, work requirement. It's a shame when the mothers of these young females also try and follow the same trend. Sadly I am observing that older females all tend to wear men's clothes - trousers, flat shoes, socks, baggy jumpers, short hair and NO make-up. Very few women have the ability to look lovely and feminine these days and, more by accident through lack of trying, end up appearing as men. That's ok by me providing they don't find it unusual when males wish to present as females. I know many females who I cannot recall EVER wearing a skirt or dress and some who DO NOT EVEN HAVE ONE IN THEIR WARDROBE.
    I know of an article called "Do women also only dress up as women occasionally?" which I'll send you. It wonders whether most women as they grow older become more like us and wish to be more feminine but are prevented by their body shape that takes refuge in a more masculine style.

    Regards, Catherine.

    1. I think peppers were the culprit. I love peppers, but sometimes, they don't love me and the pizza was covered with peppers. They sure tasted good, though.

      I seldom see the students again. I go to that campus twice a year and I only recall running into a previously-outreached student two or three times, so it is impossible to see if my fashion sense has any influence on them (I doubt it)>

  2. I know how you feel about being more insecure as the result of an election. For the past eight years I have felt my rights as an individual and a citizen being eroded by a radical leftest agenda led by President Obama. All I can say is welcome to the club. I hope your fears are unjustified. Mine weren't.

    1. Wow! I am surprised they let you send emails from the gulag!!!

  3. I love how relaxed and happy you look in your seated photo and how great you look standing.

    Patty O

  4. Good one. I get out soon.

    (I think our community is big enough for divergent opinions. Just have fun with it if you can. I know I do.)