Tuesday, December 15, 2015

When I Grow Up

Elaine Armen passed along this link to a recent article about Toronto's oldest drag queen, Michelle DuBarry. I have posted photos of Miss DuBarry here in the past, so it is nice to read some words about her, too. But it is also nice to see photos, so here is a link to some of her pictures.

I don't know about you, but I don't think Miss DuBarry is a "drag queen." I would call her a "female impersonator," "female illusionist" or "professional femulator," that is, a performer who attempts to emulate rather than caricaturize a female, as most drag queens do.

Drag is not my thing, but I am fascinated by the art of professional femulation. If I can do it over again, I want to be a professional femulator when I grow up.

The Great Imposters
Michelle DuBarry (left) with The Great Imposters

Source: Rent the Runway
Wearing Opening Ceremony.

The Prancing Elites
The Prancing Elites dance troupe

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  1. Stana:

    Thank you for bringing Miss DuBRry to our attention. She seems to have had a wonderful career as a emulator. Your use of "caricature" to distinguish drag queens from her presentation is perfect! I've never heard a more accurate way to explain to the huddled masses the difference. I shall henceforth use that term.

    I was struck by the Toronto newspaper's incessantly referring to Miss DuBarry with her "born as" male name in parentheses. Like it would be criminal to not point out each and every time that the photo is really of a male dressed as a female. Like saying "Don't be fooled." You simple person. I surely would not want that paper to carry any stories of me and my friend's GNO events, for fear the paper would feel compelled, in the name of accurate journalism, of course, to out each and every one of us.