Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Amy and the Doctor

By Amy

Today, our regular contributor, Amy, writes about finding self-improvement in the doctor's office.

With self-improvement foremost in my mind, I have followed the zillions of magazine pieces written on face lifts, nose jobs, eyebrow lifts, neck lifts, etc. I have read everything I can on facial feminization surgery and all that can be accomplished. I perpetually come back to my own base line appearance and count my blessings; no prominent brow bone; no Adam's apple; reasonable cheek bones; very good skin. (Thanks Mom!)

I did conclude that as I was aging some areas of my face were showing signs of drooping as fat and collagen were naturally lessening. I embarked on meeting with several dermatologists which turned out to be the best series of meetings, advice and support I could imagine.

Early on, I started in boy mode. Each doctor I met was a woman specializing in helping women look their best. I was right up front. I wanted to improve my appearance, to be more youthful, and have a soft feminine look.

The first of these doctors didn’t miss a beat and started me on a program called Thermage. You need to look into it, but in short, it is a form of laser passed over your face with the effect of triggering your skin to replenish lost collagen. For my skin type and other variables, the multiple sessions were very successful. An added benefit is that the laser greatly thinned my beard in the most natural way. What remains of my facial hair is thin, light in color, hidden easily under a very light foundation.

Secondly, I started on a prescription of Retin A. I have used it nightly for years. The evenness of color of my skin, the noticeably reduced pore size and near elimination of black heads is amazing. I use it everywhere below the eyes as my skin under my brows won’t tolerate it. I will never quit using this!

My appearance definitely improved and I began seeing all my doctors as Amy. At every office the staff and doctors cheered me on and enthusiastically helped me begin with new products. Dermal fillers were coming of age as was Botox.

I started eliminating frown lines between my eyes and filling little imperfections with these amazing products. They needed to be replenished, but I have found that by staying on schedule, I built a good foundation and moved forward.

Recently Juvaderm came on the scene and it was recommended I enhance my cheeks slightly for a more feminine shape. A more feminine contour was easily achieved and the skin under my eyes tightened and smoothed noticeably. Every place I have used fillers has served to make up volume in my face and slightly tightened the surrounding areas. Years melted away and people notice!

I now see four different doctors for these various tune ups! The method to this madness is that they all assess my needs and see things differently. Their skills are also different. One is especially good at removing the downturned line at the corners of my mouth. Another is particularly good at raising my brows and smoothing my forehead with Botox. So multiple opinions can matter.

Seeing multiple doctors in this way also taught me that I am not the only client pursuing a feminine appearance. Many of their trans clients have done far more invasive procedures; some are just discovering how helpful a dermatologist can be.

I am pleased to say that I have great relationships with these doctors and enjoy a very personable and intimate level of service. I love it when they do their magic and stand back and smile broadly! They enjoy helping me achieve my goals and would certainly do the same for you.

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