Monday, December 14, 2015

7 Things Every Woman Who Wears Heels Should Know

My New Shoe
I hate reading articles like this one especially after just ordering a new pair of 4-1/2-inch high heels from Nine West!

The bottom line according to the Who What Wear article is: "Wear heels as infrequently as possible, and do plenty of foot stretches after you take them off."

I also do foot stretches before I wear heels and that seems to help.

Wearing high heels is a crap shoot. It is impossible to know how a pair of heels will work for you.

I have heels that work well  I can wear them all day long without a problem. They are shoes that give some women pause when they see me wearing them. They wonder how anyone can manage to walk in such skyscrapers.

On the other hand, I have heels that are dead ringers for my comfortable heels, but they become unwearable after a few hours. Go figure.

Here are some of my most recent heel purchases that have worked well.

Payless Janine pointy toe pump with a three-inch heel. I was so happy with the Janine that I ordered additional pairs in a variety of colors.

Payless Carmen round toe pump. This three-inch high heel is basically the round toe version of the Janine. It is available in over a dozen colors and like the Janine, I ordered more than one pair.

Nine West Love Fury pointy-toe platform pump with all leather upper, 4-1/2-inch heel and 3/4-inch platform. These skyscrapers are no longer available from Nine West, but you may still find them in other outlets.

By the way, I use Insolia inserts in all my high heels. They were recommended to me years ago by a girl who loves high heels. Since they worked so well for her, I gave them a try and found that they worked well for me, too!

So go trip the light fantastic in comfort! 

Source: ideel
Wearing Max Mara.

The Golden Girls: The Christmas Episodes
The Golden Girls: The Christmas Episodes on stage in San Francisco, 2013.


  1. I can add my agreement to the comfort of the Payless Karmen pump as well as their Karen Ornament pump. I have both in several colors (black, beige...)

  2. I had a red and a black pair of Gloria Vanderbilt 3 1/2 inch heels. The black pair was my favorite. I got out of the car one day going into the hotel for a committee meeting and kicked off my driving flats. I put the flats in my bag, put my heels on and every step felt like someone had stuck a nail in my left shoe going in just behind my toes midway across my foot. I had to put my flats back on or fall on my face. That just happened suddenly one day and I've never been able to wear heels since. Almost makes me cry.

  3. Dear Stana,

    Thanks to your recommendations in the past, my hosiery is exclusively BERKSHIRE THIGH-HIGH STOCKINGS (size Queen 2). I also recently bought 2 pair of PAYLESS POINTED-TOE BLACK PATENT 3" PUMPS. They are very comfortable for long periods. I got one pair in size 11W (which fits snugly) and the other pair in 12W (which are just a small bit larger, and are also comfortable). Soon, I'll order the "sister" pumps with the rounded toes (which I prefer over the pointed toe variety).

    Later today, I'm off to the VF Outlet store to stock up on my favorite Vanity Fair nylon tricot panties with lace appliques.



  4. I don't get choices when I wear size 16 womens. I get "which hooker heels would you like to wear today?"