Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Unleashing Your Lashes

By Amy

Today, our regular contributor, Amy, focuses on eyelashes.

Previously I wrote about what I think have been very worthwhile relationships with dermatologists.

There was another product that I was encouraged to try, Latisse.

My eyelashes are already longish by any standard. But I was an early adopter of Latisse. It has some negative effects on a few, so do your own research. Eyes as well as the skin of the eyelid can darken. But I get none of that and have stuck to an every other day application on my upper and lower lids.

Others notice my lash length, but I can more easily see the thickness and length of the lower lashes in a mirror. Latisse is expensive, but if you are careful you can get your money’s worth by using it every other day and being careful not to over apply the product on to your brush.

This increased length and thickness of my lashes made mascara easier and more effective. But the truth is I really dislike using mascara! So I started getting eyelash extensions, too.

There are a few different makers of lashes and they come in different thicknesses, lengths and curls. You need to go to different salons and try out their stylist and product. Some are better than others and some glues they use vary in quality, too.

I started getting a small number put on so no one would really notice. Even a small number of short lashes were a huge improvement in making a very pretty eye. I could get by in boy-mode with these, but they were noticeable.

The worst episode happened when one stylist really didn’t take me seriously that I wanted them to be barely noticeable. I went out of there (with way too many long lashes), not realizing just how long and feminine they looked and went in boy-mode to work and dinner with friends the next day and really got called out!

So I have sprinkled in a few 9 and 10 lengths now and refill about once a month. This gives my very straight lashes, some curl and added length. I can shower carefully with them on. I have a remover chemical to take them off if I want, but it really hurts the eyes if you let it leak in. So I don’t wear any more lashes than just the basics, full time.

When I travel or take any time off, I do go in for a full set, and go to 12-14 lengths of fine lashes. They look beyond wonderful and once you do this you will never need mascara again!

Having them put on is like a massage! You lay back, close your eyes and the feeling of them going on with your stylist brushing your lashes as she goes is heaven. You have to try it to believe it and don’t blame me if like me, you become addicted!

A good stylist can demonstrate different shapes and ways of applying these to give you the cat eye or other look you may like (I like them natural in shape).

Have fun with your lashes and with developing a relationship with a stylist. Few things you can do will change your look like extensions will.

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Crossdressed family Christmas card!
Crossdressed family Christmas card!


  1. Good article. I thought about trying them, but was worried about getting hooked on these lashes.

  2. I get to use a similar (if not the same) product to Latisse called Latanapros every night due to glaucoma. It has thickened my lashes but I am getting some of the side effects. Under my eyes has darkened and on the eyelids is looks like I have some brown eye shadow. Thankfully it hasn't turned my green eyes to a brown.