Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Care and Feeding of Clip-On Earrings

By Amy

Today, our regular contributor, Amy, writes about clip-on earrings.

I have not pierced my ears, but may yet find the courage to do it someday. I can rationalize lash extensions, Botox, dermal fillers and long hair for every day, but just haven’t taken this step. Go figure.

Clip-ons can be maddening as some are too loose, some are too tight, while seemingly few are just right. I have a couple pair that cause my ear lobes to scream after a full day of wear.

Those earrings that are too tight often get taken off when I am in the car and placed on my lap as I drive, while I rub my ear lobes! Then I forget where they are, jump out of the car and they go bouncing across the parking lot, sometimes unseen and lost. I often walk into my destination and discover my ears are bare!

But I get along pretty well with clip-ons. If I find a pair of post earrings that I just have to have, I can usually get them made as or converted to clip-ons when I order them. Alternately, after the purchase, I may take them to my jeweler for conversion.

Some jewelers don’t want to mess with this type of work especially if they are made with base metals and some won’t even bother with silver. Since most my earrings are not gold, I have found a couple of local jewelers who will fix whatever I come in the door with.

I found the Earring Doctor that has a great assortment of fixes for clip-ons and posts. The Earring Doctor has a good selection of pads that better distribute the pressure of the clip-on and also correct a heavy earring from sliding off – critical! They even have a wrench like tool for adjustments.

I just purchased a vintage pair of Chanel clip-ons, quite large with large pearls as drops. The weight of these really requires a sticky pad on the back of my lobe. I have a trick for heavy earrings; I use a broad pad on the back clip and a dab of It Stays skin adhesive on the back side of my lobe. This creates a really nice holding surface that lasts; you can forget about losing one or both earrings and enjoy your day.

Coco Chanel once said, "I always take off at least one piece of jewelry before I leave the house… to ensure that I am not overdoing it."

Good advice.

Source: MyHabit
Wearing Jay Godfrey.

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Boys and girls crossdressed at a Christmas party, circa 1935.


  1. Clip on earrings all need to be tested. All feel nice while still at home fininshing dressing. Some will start aching after an hour or so. I find that if I take them off and rub my ear lobes for a few minutes they can be put back on.

    While my wife keeps the same pair of double hoop pierced earrings in for years at a time my MIL never had pierced ears and left several nice pairs when she passed.

    For about 15 years I had a lovely secretary. She was a small little lady who always wore skirts with high heels, mostly pump stilettos. she also wore clip on earrings and when ever she had to take a phone call she would remove on of her earrings in the process of answering the phone.


  2. I pierced my own ears around 20 years ago, and never looked back! I was so tired of clip earring hurting my ears after wearing them several hours. Except for the kids, no one has ever asked about my ears...